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CAFF 20 - Gordon Liu - The 8 Diagram Pole Fighter

98 min
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The Yang family was the loyal strong-arm of the Imperial army. But the Yang’s are betrayed by a jealous General conspiring with the Mongol army.

After an ambush at a battle, only two of the seven sons survive. 5th Brother (Fu Sheng) loses his mind after the death of his brothers and remains hidden by the family - while the other one - 6th Brother (Gordon Liu) lives on the run and takes refuge in a Buddhist temple.

The general must now find them both and kill them - before either of them can testify to the Emperor.

To immortalize the international star Fu Sheng´s final, unfinished performance, director Liu Chia-Liang created a film of unparalleled emotional intensity. There are heartbreaking references to his sudden death throughout the movie, but the stunning climax is truly unforgettable. It must be seen to be believed.

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