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CAFF 20 - Japanese Pinku - Wet Woman in the Wind

77 min

The once recognized and successful, but now tired Tokyo-based playwrighter Kosuke (Tasuku Nagaoka) has sworn off easy women and casual encounters and takes refuge in the countryside to live a quiet life alone in a mountain hut in the forest, withdrawn from the world - and women.

But his plans are disrupted when he one day runs into the VERY sexually free spirit Shiori (Yuki Mamiya). She immediately sets her mind to have sex with him. But he refuses and sends her away. This refusal provokes her - and Kosuke will soon be caught in Shiori’s web of sexual desires.

Shiori is manipulative with her young and attractive body and she is unrelenting. She physically involves herself with people around Kosuke one after another. Through targeted provocation and subsequent refusal, she slowly ignites his desire. Consequently, Kosuke find himself caught up in a spiral of desire. An erotic duel arises in which each of the two both wants to gain the upper hand.

Director Akihiko Shiota cuts to the chase, taking full advantage of the subgenre´s sparse requirements. The result is a gleefully anarchic plot that explores the human psyche through sexuality – it’s a psycho-drama that is as hilarious as it is arousing.

Featuring a tour de force performance by Mamiya Yuki as the agent provocateur, “Wet Woman in the Wind” may prove to be the climax of the Reboot-series. Akihiko Shiota smartly expresses a vibrant game between a perplexed man and a freewheeling woman by making use of his tactical screenplay taught by his master – Writer/Director Atsushi Yamatoya, while also showing his respect for the legendary Pinku-director Tatsumi Kumashiro , who passed away in 1995.

This film returns us to Shiota’s roots, but will also break new ground as well.

Rating star
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Rating star
Din bedømmelse: /6

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